Heritage Buildings at 254,262 Queen St.S. (City council Presentation)

It is unclear to me why we continue to negotiate the demolition of the two heritage buildings at 254 and 262 Queen St. S. It came up at a public consultation meeting in early August where the majority of those who spoke opposed it.

It then went to a Heritage committee meeting where the Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) was presented. Results of the HIA favour the preservation of the two buildings in question. The Heritage committee, the Heritage Planning staff and the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario (ACO) have spoken against the demolition of these two buildings. And here we are again going over and negotiating the demolition of two heritage buildings sitting in the Victoria Park Area Heritage Conservation District. A district that was established in 1996.

Unlike other clauses, guidelines or Acts that need revising as circumstances change – heritage buildings only become more heritage-like as history evolves. These designations should not be negotiated.

I would encourage council to respect the assessment of the experts from the various heritage groups, and respect the work that went into the original heritage district designation back in 1996 and not be unduly influenced by the developer or by your own judgment.