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We have known Debbie Chapman for more than 20 years.  She has been a vital member and friend of our Spanish Cultural Society. She is truthfully an honest person, always looking to help others.

Fiorella Benini and Maria Rosa Issler

President and Vice President of the Spanish Cultural Society of K/W

Prof. Dr. Debbie Chapman, has been a very strong supporter of the Afghan Association and a great help to every member of our community who lives in her riding. Therefore, we strongly support her re-election as the city councillor for Ward 9.

Wasai Rahimi

We have witnessed Debbie Chapman in action advocating for, and truly representing our ward for the past four years. She keeps informed on the issues and concerns of our community, and conveys their importance at council. Her assistance in navigating the development arena when we faced a large-scale proposal was inspired and unwavering, and ultimately successful as we gained a development solution more appropriate in size and scale for our neighbourhood. 


Thank you Debbie!

Mario Madau and Deb Westman

Not only is Debbie Chapman very involved in the Kitchener community, she’s approachable, hardworking, knowledgeable and really cares about residents' concerns and acts on them. She is the best candidate to navigate and represent residents through the major changes taking place within our communities without prejudice.

Gina Georgiou

Ward 9 Resident

Debbie Chapman has always been responsive to any concerns, and always answers emails and phone calls, something that isn't true for many politicians. She has gone the distance for us and helped in any way that she could. She has a very real concern about climate issues, and works to make change wherever possible. It's Debbie's face that I always see out at community events cheering on our local musicians and artists and supporting people experiencing crises in housing and healthcare; in fact, I think I first met Debbie at the Non-Violence Festival before she became my city councillor. 


I'm thrilled that Debbie is running for Council again!


Mo Markham 

Ward 9 Resident and organizer for Waterloo Region Climate Initiatives 

Debbie Chapman has been an incredible asset to issues facing Ward 9 residents. She not only advocates  for us in council chambers, but has participated time and again in small community meetings. She seeks to support, understand and amplify our voices throughout the many challenges experienced when balancing new developments with the historic character of the neighborhoods we live in. I wholeheartedly endorse the hard working and committed Debbie Chapman as the Ward 9 candidate.


Jane Pellar

Schneider Creek Community Working group

Debbie has always worked tirelessly, intelligently, and compassionately on behalf of the constituents of Ward 9 and the city of Kitchener. Her dedication to fair, inclusive, foresighted decision making, in one of the most diverse and challenging wards in Kitchener is most impressive.


I enthusiastically endorse Debbie Chapman’s re-election to Kitchener City Council.


Sue Savor 

Resident of Ward 9

I am proud to endorse Debbie Chapman as she seeks re-election to the Kitchener Municipal Council in Ward Nine. In my opinion, Debbie has been the best Councillor this ward has ever had.  



Sandra Ellis

Ward Nine resident

Retired Canadian Labour Congress SW Ont. Regional Rep

Former Mayor's Advisory Council for Kitchener Seniors member

Present member of the Rockway Centre Advisory Council

We have seen first hand, Debbie’s, unwavering strength, dedication and intelligence.  In her first term of office, she listened to her constituents and the community at large.  She immersed herself in community issues, asked questions, thought critically about issues brought to council, kept an open mind, and articulated insightful conclusions.


She has demonstrated that she is compassionate and understands the needs of the community. 


Debbie has demonstrated that she will not be bullied.  She is her own person who stands up for what she believes. We are so happy that Debbie is running for a second term as councillor of Ward 9.


Deborah Bennett

Friends of Belmont Village

As long-time residents of the area, we're grateful to have a local councilor like Debbie who always puts the wellbeing of residents first, thoughtfully responding and helping us address whatever challenges we might face. As community organizers for a more sustainable and equitable future for all, we are especially grateful to know we can count on Debbie's committed support to help push for a better future, putting the wellbeing of people, our environment, and climate action first. Debbie has our full endorsement and support.


Kai Reimer-Watts and Abhilasha Dewan

Community organizers, neighbours and artists, Ward 9

Debbie works hard to connect with her constituents, she's approachable,  she keeps us informed, she listens to our concerns and provides feedback. You always know where Debbie stands on an issue.


Debbie is the best councillor I've ever had. 


Linda Oliver

Ward 9 resident

It’s fantastic to see Councillor Debbie Chapman running for re-election. We need more elected officials like her who take the time to attend community events, engage with citizens, and work hard to understand the complex issues facing our community. She puts our community first and works for the greater public good to help build the future that we all need. 


Kevin Thomason

Community activist

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